Your Trusted Universal Wealth Advisers

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At any stage of business or personal life, the preservation and growth of wealth stands as a high priority. But it presents its own set of unique challenges and opportunities. From professionals setting up their first venture, to successful business owners filing taxes, to those making superannuation fund investment decisions reflecting their entire life’s work, every situation requires a studied, experienced, and strategic hand.

The strength of TLK Partners comes from the fact that we are Universal Wealth Advisers. When providing advice and recommendations for our clients, we look at the whole picture and come up with recommendations and services that encapsulate an end-to-end strategy. Multiple specialists look after each of our clients, drawing on their own unique experiences and qualifications, to give robust, intelligent counsel.

TLK has multiple divisions covering key speciality areas, operating as Chartered Accountants & CPA's, Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers, Legal and Investment Property Specialists, Tax Agents, and Finance and Mortgage Brokers. But they are not standalone entities; they operate together, functioning to give our clients industry-leading advice reflecting this wealth of knowledge and wide body of experience.

We operate across five major service deliveries:

As Chartered Accountants, serving our clients as Tax Agents and Tax Accountants;

As Property Advisers, working to ease the process of selling and purchasing property across New South Wales;

As Finance and Mortgage Brokers, optimising methods of outreach for those looking to invest in capital and real estate markets;

As an elite Wealth Management Firm, directing cash flows and optimising your investments and your tax exposures.

Across these numerous business lines, the same themes ring true – a commitment to the well-being of our clients, and a devotion to the best possible execution of our duties.