The "Law of the Land" applies to all of us equally and when it comes to wealth; it is a highly regulated trading environment that impacts each of us. It's critical that not only what we do is legal, but we are protected against those conducting illegal and unethical acts against us.

Proper, trusted legal advice should be more than a reactive move. Having an expert legal opinion on your side is an investment, as it serves to protect your interests from potential litigation. We can expose and explain your legal risk exposure, ensuring that you are prepared and ready for anything that comes your way.

TLK's trusted legal partners support a variety of clients, both personal and corporate, in a range of areas, by provision of the highest standards of advice. Key areas include:

  • Commercial Law & Litigation
  • SMSF Structure, Setup & Establishment
  • Wills & Estate Planning
  • Property Conveyancing & Transactions
  • Family Law & Planning
  • Trademark & IP Protection
  • General Legal Counsel
Legal counsel from TLK Partners can aid you across a wide variety of situations, and can protect yourself, and the firm, from any unexpected litigious situations that could come your way. To learn more about how TLK Partners can help you, review our divisions and Contact Us here.

Kingsgrove lies to the southwest of Sydney’s central business district. Begun as a land grant in 1804, the arrival of the railway in 1934 heralded the beginning of its growth as an urban centre. It is today an area of stately homes and successful commercial enterprises.