Throughout hundreds (if not thousands) of years, property has been one of the key asset classes of wealth. It’s tangible, real and has proven stable growth across the Australian Market. Many of our clients choose this as an investment vehicle, for a variety of reasons.

These reasons can include home ownership, asset acquisition, and simple investment speculation. Property has been among Australia’s strongest growth sectors in recent years, fuelled by amenable interest rates and our growing population, and homes in many cases serve as the primary asset held by a family. When it comes time to move these assets, it helps considerably to engage a property advisor in Kingsgrove, who can help you to negotiate the legal obligations of this high-growth investment sector, and to advise on your best course of action, both in regards to tax obligations, and the sale itself.

We at TLK have strong partners in this area, helping our clients within a wide range of areas including:

  • Property Portfolio Investment Management
  • Research, Sourcing & Purchasing Property
  • Conveyancing & Legal Support
  • Australia wide Property Trends & Industry Research
  • Property Investing with SMSFs
  • Funding, Finance and Loan Solutions
  • Tax Management & Legal Minimisation

Our property advisors in Kingsgrove provide an end-to-end service, including undergoing initial research, conveyancing, researching property trends, and locating funding and finance solutions.. We can make your purchase, and your investment, pain-free, and advantageous to your portfolio.

To learn more about how TLK Partners can help you, review our divisions and Contact Us here.

Kingsgrove is a suburb of Sydney, lying thirteen kilometres away, to the south and west of the central business district. It began as a land grant to the recently-landed Hannah Laycock, and has since grown in to a district of mostly residential and commercial use.